Being Positive Won’t Change “What Happened”—It Will Magnetize Your Fortune to You

If you find yourself in a place where things aren’t going well, and you’re dissatisfied with your life, do this…

Rather than deeply thinking about all the things that haven’t gone well, or all the improvements you’d like to see, talk about the good stuff.

I don’t mean to just mention something good and then move on.

I’m talking about truly digging a ditch of goodness. Sounds crazy I know.

Here’s the deal.

Negative thoughts and emotion are something like 3X more powerful than positives. This is because negative thoughts show danger, and the human brain clings onto potential threats to keep you alive.

When you think positively, it’s gotta be strong.

Reach for positive thought after positive thought going on what Abraham Hicks calls a “rampage”. Go nuts. Keep dictating positive thoughts outloud, one after another after another.

This is the first step to changing your mood around.

I can hear you already — “I get it, all the positivity stuff, but it doesn’t change what happened.” To this, you’re correct. Being positive won’t change “what happened”. The events that rubbed against you won’t redo themselves in the past.

However, it does change your outlook, your expectations, how you show up and the quality of your energy.

Assuming the best, quite literally changes your expectations of the future. And in doing so, changes the potential outcome to positive, uplifting events.


If you follow the law of attraction & laws of the Universe in depth, you know that what you focus on grows.

It goes deeper than this.

Where you place your attention, chooses your reality.

This means that if you’re pissed off, thinking about how someone did you wrong — you’re quite literally choosing similar future events into existence.

When you shrug it off, and show the Universe that it’s no big deal — you choose a neutral reality.

And when you shrug off the B.S. and then choose to be excited for its opposite, you are literally choosing the very reality that you desire.

Attention is synonymous with choice.

You don’t choose your life circumstances by constantly saying what you want and what you don’t want. And of course many of us focus on what we don’t want. As if declaring to the Universe moment after moment “I DON’T WANT THIS” will change anything. It won’t, at least not the way you want.

It sounds crazy and counter productive, but you choose what you want by eliminating all other thoughts that compete with it.

Eliminate negative thoughts, and go on a negativity cleanse.

When you hear something you don’t prefer — shrug it off. Ignore it. In the process you may piss some people off and that’s okay.

When you hear disturbing news, remove yourself. Ignore it. Focus on a reality that you prefer, and with vigor!

When conversations get more negative, I ask to change the topic. When group conversations get negative, I just remove myself from their influence entirely.

Have a zero-tolerance for negativity.

Negative environments, and any toleration of complaining around you creates more things to complain about. It’s not possible to just say one complaint. They steam roll. Before you know it, you’re in a bad mood and everyone around you is too.

Now, I’m not telling you to bury your head in the sand. Know what’s going on, just don’t focus on it.

Many good-meaning people fall trying to fix things they hate. They’re obsessed. Whether it’s the government, the PTA, or a virus — focusing on it will only make you upset longterm.

Most things that are “negative” are a matter of perspective.

There are 2 sides to every coin, and every situation. And if you don’t want to find the positive in your situation — that’s cool. Just change the topic to something that excites you. This is some of the best advice I’ve received in the past. It’s a game changer for your mental & emotional health.

Actively reject negative things by choosing not to give them time.

You’ll find that most problems cease to exist if you don’t give them energy. Problems are best dealt with in a neutral, detached frame of mind. When you’re not attached tot he outcome, and not upset about the events, solutions come in abundance.


Focus on the new reality.

What’s the outcome you desire? Really think about it. Focus on it. What does success look like for you? If you could waive a magic wand and fix it all, what would your new reality look like?

Then feel the feeling as if it’s already happened. Feel the joy, the elation, the relaxed expectation for its arrival. This is a choice.

If you don’t like your current reality, then stop choosing it. Place your attention, and imaginative focus on the reality you desire to have. Daydream, decide to have it. Give yourself permission to choose a better environment, better relationships, and a better life.

Do this every day.

Do this every moment that you encounter a reality that pisses you off. When you come across things that make you upset, refocus on your true outcome.

Develop the reality you prefer, and then move towards it. All the while, give absolutely zero attention to the negative chatter in your mind and your environment.