What to Do When Your Life Turns Upside-Down— Rather Than Panic, Do This Instead…

Sometimes things don’t go as planned.

With the outbreak of this pandemic, many people have lost jobs, had to relocate work, work from home, quickly pivot and the like.

While this is highly inconvenient, it doesn’t seal the fate for your future being doomed.

Rather than see all the health, economical, and financial problems — ask yourself how it can work for you.

How can the money show up? How can your immune system be as strong as ever (by staying at home!)?

Believe in the possibility that it can all work out for you — this pandemic, crisis, and any other problems can be resolved through your ability to see the possibilities.

I think you’d be surprised at how quickly things can show up for you in a positive unexpected way when you open up to the possibility of it all working out.


You actually have a choice on how you decide to move forward.

In this time of constant disruption and change, you can choose to create something new from the rubble of the inconvenient foundational fallout. After you deal with the initial grief, ask yourself: “how can this work for me?”

Thinking and feeling that your life is in chaos and falling apart will only create more mental and emotional instability, which will lead you to make decisions out of panic, anger and grief.

“An action committed in anger, is an action doomed to failure.”

— Genghis Khan

With all the wisdom and experience I have today (building businesses for 14 years, going from 0 to six+ figures), this is what I would impart to you.

If you’re in a position where you’ve lost your job or find that you have a plethora of time on your hands, don’t panic. Be grateful, and implore creative imagination.

With more time on your hands, this is a great time to think creatively, and focus on creating a way to pursue your passions. This time isn’t a curse. It’s a gift from God/Spirit/The Universe (whatever you identify with).

Messages from a higher power don’t often come at “convenient times”. They come to you when you need to change, to leap, to try something new.

They start first as soft whispers, intuition, an inkling to start a new life, leave a job, change careers, or pursue a dream. Then the messages get louder and louder until you find that they’re screaming at you.

In this time of national emergency, the intuition is coming as a loud siren to our entire society. The change that is needed is so imminent and necessary, that the signs are at a global scale.

If you have more idle time right now… put down the TV remote to your next Netflix binge, at least temporarily.

Focus on how you can change for the better.

Dive into some serious soul-searching.

Journal on the following questions for further personal clarity on how to move forward.

  • What have I been avoiding through the last few weeks, months, and years that I have always wanted to do— but have been to scared to allow myself to start?
  • What am I most afraid of? If I start this thing that I’ve been avoiding, what would happen that scares me?
  • Are these fears ultimately true? (Likely they are not, or at least if there’s any semblance of a reality you can prepare for them not run in fear).
  • What’s another perspective I could choose to see about my situation even if it feels “too easy” or “too simple”?
  • What if I was wrong about my situation? The world is not out to get me. Actually what if everything I’ve experienced thus far was literally divinely planned for me to become the person I’ve always wanted to become?
  • If everything I’ve experienced thus far is working for me in my best interest (including this pandemic and everything that comes with it)… then how can I see the good? If these experiences are not here for my demise & ruin, then what opportunity is clearly available?
  • Based on these new ideas and opportunities, what does this mean I can leave behind? (Struggle, victim mentalities, etc.)
  • Based on the new good and opportunity, who do I get to CHOOSE TO BE as a results? (For example, someone who sees adversity as opportunity, someone who chooses to believe everything is working for them not against them, someone who is available to see things differently in a way that supports them having everything they desire and more.)

This is a call to change, literally at a global level.

More than “a vacation”, I feel that this global shift is a call for millions of people to change. Too long have many people lived in the robot-machine based culture of clocking in to work, and clocking out to check out of their own bodies and veg in front of a TV to “cope” with participating a life they’re not happy living.

Stop making your dreams take a back seat in your life.

If you continue to put off your dreams and making them into a reality, you’ll always be in a position where you have to put them off.

In a few years, you’ll wonder why:

… you didn’t get farther.

… it’s not working.

… why you haven’t been picked up/gone viral/hit your major success & made the money.

… why you’re not “worth it”— worth being able to pursue your dreams.

All of which would be crazy.

Because you can make a simple decision right now to “say yes to yourself” and your desires, dreams and aspirations. I have no doubt that you’re talented, creative, and worthy of receiving everything good in the world. Sit with that.

And right now happens to be the most opportune time for you to actually start thinking about it. We have more time on our hands now as a society than we’ve had in decades.

Rather than endlessly scrolling on Instagram, take the 30–60 minutes to think about what you want.

  • What do you want your life to look like ideally?
  • If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?
  • How can you start one thing, today, to move forward in the direction of your dream (dream life/dream business/ dream career/ etc.)?
  • How can you build new daily habits to support this new direction?

You make progress by making a decision.

Decide that you can have what you want. We make progress on moving forward on our dreams —by making small daily decisions that support taking action on the dream, especially when it’s not convenient.

Pursuing your dream will never be convenient.


You have a choice. Every day you can give in to what’s more convenient and flex to life’s problems (because we all have problems and they never go away).

Or regardless of the problems, you can choose that your dream/business/book/work/art/craft/music is your priority, and you’ll be known for it.

And for this to happen, you have to choose to align with your goals when other life demands, scream for more importance.

We’re constantly voting for our priorities at every moment. Where you place your attention, is your priority.

If you listen to other peoples’ drama, or spend time complaining— this is a priority for you.

If you shut the door to complaining, and write your new book you’ve been itching to create into the world— this is your priority.

What you think about expands, so be highly conscious of where you tend to fix your attention throughout the day.

Be willing to fail along the way.

Will you fail along the way? Yes, for sure it’s 100% inevitable. Will you succeed along the way? Yes, 100% it is inevitable.

Will your path look just like you’ve planned?

Absolutely not.

The path to your dreams will look nothing like you thought. But it will be better than you possibly could have imagined. The Universe will line up a path of seemingly inconceivable circumstances for you that make your dream feel expertly planned. It’s all about synchronicity.

Feel the fear, and do it anyway.

Don’t stop. Ever… Never sacrifice your dreams for “reality”.

If you stop now, when it seems difficult and challenging, where else will you stop yourself?

You have the beginnings of what will create your dream life. You likely already have the idea, the inspiration, the direction. Now you just need to decide to accept it, and move forward in its pursuit.

This pandemic has given millions of us in the world— “thinking time”.

Now is the time to contemplate what you want, and what you’ve been avoiding. It’s a gift of time, space, and solidarity.

If you’re reading this article, then you likely have a gift you’ve been meaning to share into the world. It will change people around you for the better. It will inspire others.

Start today. I’d love to hear from you in the comments— what’s that one thing that you’re going to move forward on today?

Main photo by Mathias Reed from StockSnap