I Am Woke is a brand dedicated to spiritual and business development. We believe in a whole integrated approach to life and business.

Want to work with us?

Akashic Records/Spiritual Guidance Readings

Emelina Spinelli is available to channel spiritual insights for you or your business through the Akashic Records. If you’re interested, contact her at: wearewokeaf@ gmail.com

Sponsored Content:

Consider sponsoring an article or Youtube video. We can create original advertorial content that features your brand or product, or have us feature your brand as an advertisement in one of our Youtube videos.

Online Training:

We provide both in-person and online training: courses, seminars, and workshops. We teach in the areas of spirituality and business development/marketing.

Public Speaking:

Emelina Spinelli has been in the world of personal development, psychic development, spirituality, and marketing & business for over 10 years. She’s been through many dark nights of the soul, and has come out on top with more resources and confidence than each previously. Emelina believes that building a personal brand and business is one of the most comprehensive ways to pursue training in personal development and she’s delighted to share her journey.

Emelina is a member of Toastmasters International and knows how to educate, inspire, and delight an audience.

Topics of Expertise (Spirituality):

Shadow integration, personal development, psychic development, Akashic Records, telepathy, developing intuition, metaphysics, yoga.

Topics of Expertise (Marketing & Business):

Instagram marketing, social media marketing, youtube marketing, digital marketing strategy, business development, starting an online business, public speaking, personal branding, creative & content direction, graphic design.

To begin a conversation in working with us, please contact: wearewokeaf @gmail.com