Do you judge yourself based upon your success?

We are in such a driven culture and society, that many of us often judge our success or abilities through past and current achievements. Can’t we see that this is flawed?

We attach to the success we will provide, the new home we’ll by as a result of our raise that’s in turn a direct result of how someone else (our bosses) perceives us and how well we are doing. Some of us won’t feel successful without earning a significant income, working tremendously hard, driving that Ferrari or BMW, living in our dream home and traveling all over the world.


What about the person we become in the process?

Do we stop and think, to honor ourselves right now, in the place that we are or do we just keep trudging?

There’s a time and place for achievements and that sort of success. And for material possessions that reflect our success.

How can we get there though without recognizing our current state of success? We probably can’t!

Right now, whether you know it or not—You are a success! You are a creator, and have the massive energy of the Universe at your fingertips. What will you do with it? Will you tell it that you’re not successful without specific achievements? Well then that’s what you’ll get!

We must honor ourselves for who we are now. For just being and existing. As a society we are often looking in the future, assessing fears and threats and trying to align ourselves with the best path to our goals. According to someone like Mike Dooley—that’s what he calls—“a cursed how.”

Allow the Universe to Bring Something Better

When we are so focused on how we are going to achieve our goals we don’t leave enough room and agility for the Universe to bring us something better. Humans have tiny little brains in comparison to the mass consciousness of the Universe and it’s all-knowing.

The Universe brings together a string of events that create “coincidences” or synchronicities in our lives. They’re never a coincidence. They’re divinely orchestrated. That being said, how can our small human brains mess with a divine orchestration and attach to how something is going to happen for us!?

We don’t know everyone in the world, and everything that is going to happen at a second by second play-by-play. Alas, the Universe does! Let’s give up trying to figure out how to make things happen and let the Universe do its magic.

We are not defined by our achievements.

We are defined by knowing ourselves as the powerful beings that we are—just because we exist! Can you see that difference in just knowing? When your foundation is one of self love, based on nothing but truly loving yourself instead of what you have achieved—then your foundation can never be rocked.

No matter what success or achievements come and go. It’s solid and unwavering.

Let’s focus on existing. Let’s focus on joy.

And let’s see where that takes us.